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hi, i'm new. well, here's who i've met, or at least who i can remember:

+ steve, jordan, ian, and cyrus of new found glory
+ phantom planet (the original band as they were in 2002, with jason schwartzman and all)
+ all thats left
+ scotty and chris of allister
+ jeff of the early november
+ hanson
+ dan of homegrown
+ the singer of copeland, his name escapes me
+ clint and dustin of riddlin kids
+ simple plan
+ talked to carson daly over the phone
+ dryden and mike of alien ant farm
+ mike and jd of wakefield
+ the bassist of diffuser (i couldn't even get his name, he just came up to me and gave me a random cd and said some weird things and walked off, haha)

and i'm friends with people in cruiserweight and greatness in tragedy, if that counts, i guess. plus there's that plethora of random band members who come up to you during shows trying to promote their cd.

i should work on adding to my list soon...i haven't seen a touring show in so long, i spend most of my money on local shows now, haha.
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