czarcastically (czarcastically) wrote in guesswhoimet,

I'm in need of a bit of help.

I'm interviewing a few bands in the next couple weeks and I'm running out of ideas for questions. I need three or four more questions for each band. I don't want to ask all the bands the same questions and I don't want them to be typical "how'd you get your name" type of questions either. So, I thought, what better place to go than some random music/fan based community or website and ask the people who would be reading the interviews what they would want to know....

These are the bands (not all set in stone) that I'll be interviewing.
*** =still in the air

-Shockstars (possibly LBC/American Taxi as well)
-Plain White Ts *** depending on work schedule
-Quietdrive *** depending on band manager

So, if you could ask any of these bands/members anything, what would it be?
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