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Last night, I was in West Chester and had dinner in Duffer's Pub and I got to meet Tim Glomb from Viva La Bam. Click the cut for more details (I just copied and pasted it from my LJ. Sorry if it's kinda long).

well let's just say..... TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to West Chester. i went to Fairman's, this huge mall there, and my parents and i came across Duffer's Pub, which if you didn't see the latest episode of Viva La Bam, this is where they were at at one point. i got to go to the skateboard park where they had the demo at on last night's episode.

we drove past Duffer's and i spotted Tim Glomb's truck there!! we pulled into the parking lot and took a few pics of it lol. i was so excited b/c i wanted to meet him badly!! i asked if we could go in and eat but my dad said no. i kept begging him and told him i was hungry (although i was far from hungry. i just wanted to meet Tim! lol) so he finally said yes and we went in. i looked in the bar, but i didn't see him. after we were done eating, i made my mom ask the waitress if Tim Glomb was here. she said she had no idea who he was. my mom told her they had filmed some of Viva La Bam in the bar and then she said they were there last night. she still said she had no idea who Tim was and said maybe he was outside eating. well, we went outside and sure enough, Tim Glomb was sitting right there!! for some reason, i started to get really nervous lol. he saw me walking by to my mom's truck and he smiled at me. i got a piece of paper and pen from her and walked over (we made really good timing b/c he and his g/f were about to leave). we kind of met in the middle and his g/f walked over to his truck. i asked him for his autograph and he said, "of course!" then he asked me what happened to my leg. i was telling him about it and he said he broke his hand 5 times and is having a hard time moving it, but he said he can still hold a beer in it lol. he said he has an option to get surgery but he's scared. awww! he asked me how long i had to have it wrapped up for and i told him 6 weeks and he was like, "so that's your whole summer!" and we said how much it sucked. he signed my paper and put,



Good Luck!

he asked me if i had seen last night's episode of Viva La Bam and i said yea. he said the house that Vito and Mike hid out in was in Deleware and they were trying to hid as far away from the guy's as possible. he said he also got his truck fixed from when they hooked Bam's hummer and Tim's truck together and the back of his truck fell off. it was weird hearing him talking about the show; when i was talking to him, it seemed so crazy that i was talking to someone from my favorite show in the whole wide world!! then i asked him for a picture and he said sure, so he put his arm around my and gave a thumbs up. my mom took 2 pictures. her camera is slow, but i didn't mind b/c i was standing next to Tim Glomb and he had his arm around me the whole time!! he smelled like beer though lol. we talked for a little bit longer (i think we talked for about 10 minutes or so) and he asked where i was from and i told him baltimore. he said he goes to the aquarium here sometimes and asked if Hammerjack's was still around. he was telling me how they were at HFStival and i told him i was there. he even talked to my parents for a few minutes! lol i asked him for a hug and he said, "you definately deserve a hug!!" so he gave me one and i felt like i was in heaven lol. he started walking to his truck and he goes, "i wish i had something i could give you!!" and then he was like, "you want my hat?" and got it out of his truck. he goes, "i wore this hat for the last 4 episodes of Viva La Bam!" it's a red and white Adio hat. he put it on my head. i asked if he could sign it and he said sure, so he wrote:



then he put it back on my head. he also said that they were all at Fairman's today (a little bit before i got there) filming the last scene for the last Viva La Bam episode ever. Tim said he got his watch fixed at Fairman's, too. he asked if i liked the store and i said yea, but it wasn't as big as i thought. he goes, "everything seems bigger on tv, huh?" he shaked my dad's hand and then we thanked him a million times and he left. he also told me he hoped my foot got better soon! he was the sweetest person i have ever met!!!! i can't believe he talked to me for that long!! im still wearing the hat! lol it smells like Tim!! lol i couldn't stop smiling on the way home!! it was the best day ever!!!!!!!

I'll try and have pics tomorrow!


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